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Different Sport / Game Focus Each Day • Gameplay • Positive Environment


Our Multi-Sport Mania Class will be a great way to introduce your child to the gym and a new sport or skill each day the ENERGIZE way.

The first 15 minutes of every class is focused on locomotor skill development, following directions, and spatial awareness. These dynamic warmups will help your child build coordination, focus, and confidence all within a very positive environment.

The following 25 minutes will be focused on skill development of the new sport each day. Sports such as basketball, soccer, and skills such as rolling, tossing, throwing, and catching.

The last 15 minutes will be focused on gameplay. Students will participate in many game/play activities that allow them to build skillset and improve confidence. ALL students will be active and engaged during the entire class.

Our years of being in the gym with all ages have given us the opportunity to create a program and an environment that our youngest children can now thrive in. You do not lower the bar and expectations because they are young, but instead, we do the opposite and raise the bar. Children having fun and learning starts with one thing and that is great teachers. Our teachers are ready to make sure your child’s first youth sports experience is a positive one.

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